Statewide Sex Offender Registry Search  
Employees with unsupervised access to patients and the public, especially in private residences, represent unique risks. Because of the possibility of assault, sexual or other abuse, it is critical that employers conduct a pre-employment search of sex offender registries.

TPG searches a state’s Sex Offender Registry and reports any findings to our client. Our uniform report format makes it easy to report and interpret reports from different states and sources. Available in 49 states  plus DC (not Hawaii).

Ordering Requirements

  • Applicant’s first name, middle name or initial, last name
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Applicant’s SSN
  • Applicant’s current address
  • Jurisdiction(s) to search

Alias names if TPG is to conduct search on other names used (note: this is a separate search)

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