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Commercial Transportation

The Peeler Group provides products and services for DOT drivers and others responsible for driving business owned vehicles.
  • Commercial Driving Records
  • State Driving Records
  • DOT Employment Verifications
  • License Activity Monitoring


  • Adult Abuse Registry
  • Licensing Verification
  • DHHS OIG Sanctions
  • Sex Offender Registry

  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Military Verification
  • Field Verifications: References, Mode of Living & Neighbor Canvas
  • Education
  • Certified Records
Amusement Business
  • DOT Driving Records
  • Wanted Persons
  • Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • National Sex Offender Records
Volunteer Services

  • Safety 1st
  • Volunteer Screening Registration
  • Watch Lists
  • National Sex Offender
  • Reference Verifications
Through our Safe School Check services the student may log in and complete the designated application for your school at their own cost. Results are processed and forwarded to the registered school.
  • Social Security Number Verifier
  • Address to Criminal Records
  • International Criminal Records
  • Watch Lists
Regulated Industries

The Peeler Group may provide services to ensure your process is as smooth as possible when applying for licensing, visa's and other regulated processes. We have assisted world traveling entertainers and many others who need to comply with government requirements.
  • Fingerprinting
  • Application Verification
  • Credit Bureau Search
  • Address Verifications
  • Certified Record Copies
Entry Level Labor
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Education Verifier
  • Full Spectrum: Criminal Records & Wanted Persons


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