County Criminal Search


The Peeler Group provides criminal history reports from all U.S. counties. Our team of experienced investigators researches and reports back to our clients the most accurate records in our industry. These reports will include the following information:
Victims and their families are being awarded judgments against companies who've failed to properly screen employees before hiring them. Workplace violence, sexual harassment/assault, and the risk of a negligent hiring or retention lawsuit concern many employers and should concern you.
TPG Criminal History Reports provide the information you need before hiring an applicant. Conducting a thorough pre-employment background check also demonstrates due diligence - which can protect your company in the event of a lawsuit.

Ordering Requirements

  • Applicant’s first name, middle name or initial, last name
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Applicant’s SSN
  • Applicant’s current address
  • Jurisdiction(s) to search

Alias names if TPG is to conduct search on other names used (note: this is a separate search)

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